This is a Beta3 release of the Awami Nastaliq font.

Instructions for providing feedback

This beta-3 font is very close to what we expect for version 1.000. We have made a fair number of design changes recently, and feel the design and behavior is almost finalized. The kind of feedback we are looking for at this point are:

  • Bugs in the rendering behavior
  • Example of illegible sequences and collisions
  • Style problems that you consider unacceptable – those that would prevent you from using the font


In particular, you may see a word where the nuqtas or other marks are not positioned ideally or the spacing is not the best. We can hand-tweak some words, but we can only afford to do this for the most important cases. As you report these kinds of problems, please indicate both (a) how serious a problem the current behavior is (as indicated above), AND (b) how common a word or sequence it is, using the following labels:

  • common (a word or letter sequence that might appear on every page of a book or document)
  • occasional
  • rare (a word or letter sequence that might appear once or twice)

It makes sense to hand-tweak a small problem if it is in a very common word, or a big problem even if the word is not very common.

How to give us actionable feedback

The more specific you can be when providing feedback, the more accurately we can implement your suggested changes. Although it may initially take more time, it will save time overall if you can somehow quantify changes that you would like to see, or make a comparison. Here are some examples:

  • If you’d like a stroke to be heavier, say whether it should be about, e.g. 20% heavier, or twice as thick, etc., or compare it to another character where the stroke is the correct weight. Try to avoid wording like “make it a little thicker,” “move it up a little,” etc.

  • If you know of another font that has a better shape, attach a screenshot at 100pt.

  • If it’s easier to sketch than describe, make a screenshot at 100pt and use a paint or drawing program to sketch the desired shape changes in red; or mark up a printout and scan or photograph it.

  • What you see on your computer may be different from what we see on ours; attaching a screenshot is often helpful in giving context to your comments.

This kind of feedback gives us a clearer indication of what you see in your mind’s eye, and will reduce misunderstandings.

Specific questions

  • Let us know if you have need for:
    • alternate shapes for the end of ayah
    • U+0640 ARABIC TATWEEL for linguistic purposes
  • How should the nuqtas be positioned on the final and isolate forms of these characters?
    • U+0696 REH WITH DOT BELOW AND DOT ABOVE (lower and more to the left?)
  • Do you have a need for U+0647 ARABIC LETTER HEH to look different from U+06C1 ARABIC LETTER HEH GOAL?

We may or may not be able to include these in version 1.0, depending on when we receive the input and other priorities.

Changes since Beta2 release

  • Changed angle of vertical strokes on alef, lam, kaf, gaf, and tah forms
  • Increased the line height by 20%
  • Changed shapes of a number of letter forms: tah, bariyeh, feh (head shape), dal, reh, some meems, some heh-goals, isolate kaf/gaf, some initial jeems, pesh, dopesh, name marker
  • Added Arabic style punctuation; cleaned up behavior of Arabic vs. Latin style punctuation
  • Added visible versions of invisible characters such as directional markers, directional embedding, no-break spaces, etc.
  • Added features: Full stop alternate (dash vs. dot) and Punctuation (default, Arabic, or Latin)
  • Added 06CE – yeh with small V; 06D5 – Ae
  • Adjust size of spaces to match rescaling that happened in beta-2 version
  • Fixed bugs in hamza feature
  • Cleaned up positions of diacritics

Anticipated Changes for Release 1.000

  • Improve sad + meem combination
  • Support both proportional and fixed-width digits
  • Fix shape of U+0192
  • Fix problems with teh-ring, if needed
  • Various and sundry clean-ups

Files included in beta-3 release

  • Awami_beta3.ttf – the Awami Nastaliq Beta1 font
  • Awami_beta3.woff – font for use on web sites
  • Awami_beta3.pdf – shows glyphs and metrics
  • test data
    • RandomWords.odt/pdf/xml – a short list of words in small, medium, and large font sizes to show the basic shapes of all the letters
      • note that ftml_wf.xsl must be located in the same directory as RandomWords.xml
    • language data – UDHR text and word lists in various languages
    • letter combinations – xml files that can be shown in Firefox demonstrating contextual forms; also corresponding PDFs
      • note that ftml.xsl must be located in the same directory as .xml files