Version Date:July 14, 2016

This release has been superseded by a subsequent release.


We are making this version available to show you what is coming in the next version of FieldWorks. Not all of the features we plan have been implemented yet, but we believe there is enough that you can get a good taste of what is coming. We do believe this version is very stable, both in terms of not crashing and not corrupting your data. However, it is still wise to make a backup of your data in your previous version of FieldWorks before installing this new version.

This alpha version does not involve a data migration relative to FieldWorks 8.2.8. What that means is that if you open your project in FW 8.3.0 and work with it and decide you want to go back, you can uninstall FW 8.3.0 and reinstall FW 8.2.8 and still be able to open your project. Your dictionary preview will look unusual when you first open the project, but as soon as you configure the dictionary in any way, it will go back to the settings you were last using with FW 8.2.8. (The dictionary settings for FW 8.3 are stored in a different place from the setting for 8.2.8 and earlier, and both sets of settings can exist on your computer at the same time. However, it is not possible to have both versions of FieldWorks installed at the same time.)

This is the only version of 8.3.x for which there will not be a data migration relative to FW 8.2.8. After we release FW 8.3.1, once you open a project in FW 8.3.1 or later, you will not be able to open that same project in FW 8.3.0 or FW 8.2.8 or earlier.

Send/Receive is fully functional in this alpha version but we recommend the following:
If you have multiple people on your project that will be using 8.3 Alpha 3, have one person do the upgrade first and do a Send/Receive. Then have the other participants do a Send/Receive before they upgrade. These steps will prevent confusing Send/Receive conflict reports related to the new configuration files. These steps will also be recommended when upgrading to the next version.

Translation Editor does not start properly in FW 8.3.0 Alpha 3.

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Packages For Windows

Packages Size
FieldWorks SE Full 204 MB
FieldWorks SE Minimal 153 MB
FieldWorks BTE Full 219 MB
FieldWorks BTE Minimal 167 MB

No patch is available for this version.