Alkalami provides alternate glyphs for a number of characters. These are implemented in 2 different ways (OpenType and TypeTuner Web) for support in different applications and rendering systems. Ideally the selection of these font features is done in application programs, but many applications do not yet support this functionality. In response to this lack of support for features, a program called TypeTuner (command line version: TypeTuner and web-based version: TypeTuner Web) allows users to create derivative fonts with their own feature settings based on the needs of a local project or region.

User-selectable font features

These features are documented in this document:

Alkalami Font Features Guide — This document was produced with Adobe InDesign CC 2020 using Stylistic Sets.

The User-selectable font features are demonstrated using .woff support on this page: Alkalami Features Demo.

Collision avoidance

The Alkalami font uses state-of-the-art OpenType font technology, including variant glyphs for a number of characters for use in particular contexts. It also prevents in-word collisions by switching out default glyphs for alternates.

Stylistic Sets

There are some Arabic character shape differences in the Arabic script. These can be accessed by using the OpenType Stylistic Sets feature. The document below can be downloaded in order to see all the user-selectable font features that are available in the font.

Alkalami Font Features Guide — This document was produced with Adobe InDesign CC 2020 using Stylistic Sets.

These Stylistic Set variants can also be selected as part of a derivative font with TypeTuner Web.

U+06DD (End of Ayah)

The End of Ayah Arabic character is intended to enclose or hold one to three digits.

Specific technical details of how to use them are discussed in the Arabic fonts FAQ — Subtending marks.

Additionally, Alkalami includes two simplified alternates for U+06DD ARABIC END OF AYAH under the Stylistic Alternates (salt) feature, but at this time we know of no OpenType-based applications that can access these. The two alternates are also available through the Stylistic Sets feature.

See also Arabic Fonts — Application Support. It provides a fairly comprehensive list of applications that make full use of the OpenType font technologies.

Customizing with TypeTuner

For applications that do not make use of the OpenType Stylistic Sets features, you can now download fonts customized with the variant glyphs you choose. Read the Alkalami Font Features Guide, visit TypeTuner Web, then to choose the variants and download your font.