The Doulos SIL font is designed to work on systems and with applications that provide support for TrueType fonts and for Unicode character encoding. This includes Microsoft Windows® 9x or greater, as well as recent versions of the Mac OS (version 9.0 and later), and also some implementations of Unix / Linux (TrueType font support on Unix and Linux may depend upon the particular applications in use). Doulos SIL is a TrueType font with smart font capabilities added using OpenType and Graphite font technologies. This means that complex typographic issues such as the placement of combining marks or the choice of alternate glyphs are handled by the font, provided you are running an application that provides an adequate level of support for one of these smart font technologies.

See Smart Font Features for further information.

See Application Support for a list of applications that make full use of the OpenType and Graphite font technologies.