The Language Explorer (FLEx) Lexicon provides a large number of built-in fields, and you can add custom fields. The view of a single Entry (in Lexicon Edit view) allows you to customize which fields you see; by default most built-in fields are not shown unless they contain data, to save space. More fields are displayed by using the toggle “Show Hidden Fields”. Each entry optionally has a dictionary preview shown above it. The lexical data can be displayed quite differently in the print-oriented Dictionary view, e.g. the order and formatting of fields can be changed in the Dictionary view.
Lexicon Edit View

One of the most powerful tools in FLEx is Bulk Edit. This view allows you to make a variety of changes across any number of selected entries.

Other tools in the Lexicon area include:
* Lexicon Edit
* Dictionary layouts
* New Entry
* Lexical Relations
* Semantic Domains
* Import/Export