The Harmattan font contains near complete coverage of all the characters defined in Unicode 13.0 for Arabic script (excluding the Arabic Presentation Forms blocks, which are not recommended for normal use). We include full support for the Arabic and Arabic Supplement blocks. Harmattan also includes support for the Arabic Extended-A block with the exception of U+08D3..U+08E2.

Arabic (U+0600..U+06FF) was added to Unicode 1.0. Arabic Supplement (U+0750..U+077F) was added to Unicode 4.1 and Arabic Extended-A (U+08A0..U+08FF) was added to Unicode 6.1. There are still some Arabic script characters being added to Unicode, so it is possible that not all languages using the Arabic script are fully represented in Unicode.

The following character ranges constitute the list of characters supported by this font:

Unicode block Harmattan support
Arabic Supplement
Arabic Extended-A does not support 08D3..08E2
Arabic Presentation Forms-A only includes FD3E..FD3F, FDF2, FDFC
Arabic Presentation Forms-B
Codepage 1252 (Western)¹

A selection of characters from the General Punctuation block, such as various-sized spaces, are also supported; a utility such as SIL ViewGlyph can be used to examine the exact repertoire of this font.

¹Inclusion of basic Latin repertoire is provided as a convenience, e.g., for use in menus or for displaying markup in text files; these fonts are not intended for extensive Latin script use.