WOFF Support

WOFF (Web Open Font Format) is a font ‘wrapping’ technology that has become the standard for web fonts for the long-term future and has broad support, even in Internet Explorer. It compresses the font data, so is more efficient (and faster) than referring to hosted TrueType or OpenType fonts. WOFF fonts are supported in Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 6+, Internet Explorer 9+ and Safari.

All of our Latin and Cyrillic fonts have standard WOFF versions, included in the “web” package download, that you can host on your server.

Further information on using our web fonts is available here:

Conversion to other Web Font Formats

The SIL OFL-FAQ addresses questions such as 2.2 Can I make and use WOFF (Web Open Font Format) versions of OFL fonts? and 2.3 What about other web font formats such as EOT/EOTLite/CWT/etc.?