SIL Transciber 2 is a web app and will work on most modern computers with a web browser. It has been tested with Chrome and Firefox. The SIL Transcriber product includes an optional Desktop Extension which installs on Windows 10 or Linux (with a Debian or Snap package).

The setup for the organizations and projects is done online using the administration functions of the web app. To set up a project, the Administrator will sign up with Auth0 as all web app users will need to do. If any user plans to synchronize at some point to Paratext, it is best to sign up with the Paratext button which allows Paratext to request the credentials and creates an account for the user that is linked to their Paratext account. On subsequent uses, the user can use a google sign in that is linked to the same email address if desired or a user name and password that uses the same email address.

As part of creating the first organization, the Administrator will create a group for the users who will work on a project (or group of projects). Transcribers and Editors will be invited by the Administrator to join the organization and group. This allows the Administrator to control who is involved in the project. Users without email addresses, can use the Desktop Extension and would be created by the Administrator as Offline users. The roles and process is explained in much more detail in the help file.

SIL Transcriber 2 has a quick on-boarding process that creates a default organization called “My Workspace” and a default group called “All Users”. Once the language is identified for the project, a simple setup method is provided so that a single audio file can be transcribed. A collaborative project or one that involves multiple audio files, will require more setup.

If there are users who will work in an area without an Internet connection, once the setup has been done in the web app, the project can be exported using a Portable Transcriber Format file (PTF). After the Desktop Extension is installed in a computer that will work online, the PTF file can be imported and work can begin immediately. Once the work is completed, the Desktop Extension can export an Incremental Transcriber Format file for uploading the resulting work to the web or the transcriptions can be synched to Paratext locally or exported in an ELAN format file.

SIL Transcriber Desktop Extension has been built for MAC. It would need to be signed for distribution. Let the development team know if that interests you. The web app has been tested with Chrome on the MACbook Pro (macOS Mojave).

There are more instructions on the initial setup and connecting the foot pedal and other setup related issues in the downloadable documentation on the downloads page.