This new, completely re-written version of LingTree runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.

It has the same functionality as the older, Windows-only version with the exception that it saves the tree diagram in only two graphic formats: PNG and/or SVG. (The user documentation mentions how one can get other graphic formats starting from the PNG format. See section 5 of the user documentation.

The new version will read and use the tree description files (.tre) from the old version. It normally does so well, but there are times when the result is less than ideal. See section 7 of the user documentation.

This new version also offers several improvements:

  • One can now have both a subscript and a superscript on the same tree node.
  • One can ask LingTree to show you what the tree looks like as you type the tree description.
  • You can show matching parentheses via the left and right arrow keys.
  • There is a new “empty element” node type one can use for things like traces and empty pronouns. You can control how such nodes are formatted independently of the other node types.
  • When there is something wrong with a tree description, this new version attempts to tell you what is wrong and where.
  • You can control the font size of the symbols used in the tree description (as well as the parentheses themselves).
  • When showing matching parentheses, you can control how long the matching parenthesis is shown.
  • You can have the tree diagram be shown left-to-right.

There also is a new support email address: