7 February 2019

WeSay 1.6.10 and translations

We are pleased to announce the release of WeSay 1.6.10 for Windows and Linux. All interface languages have been updated with the latest translations from Transifex, and three new interface languages a… read more

31 January 2019
SIL Transcriber

Release 1.0.0

The SIL Transcriber allows an individual or team to transcribe and upload multiple tasks from multiple projects to Paratext or other applications. Version 1 will install sample data. Once the user is … read more

9 January 2019

Draft versions of French and Spanish questions

The latest version (1.3.9, released today) of Transcelerator now includes French and Spanish versions of all questions, answers, and notes. Most of these are “auto-translated and have not been c… read more