20 June 2019
Awami Nastaliq

Release 2.000

Awami Nastaliq 2.000 is a major release of the Awami Nastaliq font. This release supports additional languages and provides improvements to glyph shapes and connections. Changes to this font include: … read more

14 May 2019

Version 3.5.0 / 2.35.0 Released

XLingPaper version 3.5.0 (for the XMLmind XML Editor version 7.2+) and version 2.35.0 (for the XMLmind XML Editor version 5.3) are now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This new version of XLingP… read more

25 March 2019
Asheninka: a Syllable Parser

Version Alpha is now available

Version Alpha of Asheninka: a Syllable Parser is now available. It has two bug fixes: When a grapheme environment contains two or more grapheme natural classes, sometimes the parser failed to … read more

1 March 2019

FieldWorks 9.0.6 Beta

After upgrading to this version, the data will not open in any version prior to 9.0.4, so make a backup before upgrading. If you are sharing data with others, the entire team should use a version of F… read more

22 February 2019
Annapurna SIL

Release 1.204

Annapurna SIL font version 1.204 is a maintenance release that fixes some Graphite bugs involving alternate renderings of the half forms of ya and removing duplicates in classes.… read more

19 February 2019

New version of LingTree: version 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1 of LingTree is now available. The basic difference between the previous version is that the new one has a French user interface.… read more

7 February 2019

WeSay 1.6.10 and translations

We are pleased to announce the release of WeSay 1.6.10 for Windows and Linux. All interface languages have been updated with the latest translations from Transifex, and three new interface languages a… read more

31 January 2019
SIL Transcriber

Release 1.0.0

The SIL Transcriber allows an individual or team to transcribe and upload multiple tasks from multiple projects to Paratext or other applications. Version 1 will install sample data. Once the user is … read more

9 January 2019

Draft versions of French and Spanish questions

The latest version (1.3.9, released today) of Transcelerator now includes French and Spanish versions of all questions, answers, and notes. Most of these are “auto-translated and have not been c… read more