Scheherazade New

Arabic script font designed in the traditional Naskh style


Scheherazade New, named after the heroine of the classic Arabian Nights tale, is designed in a similar style to traditional typefaces such as Monotype Naskh, extended to cover the Unicode Arabic repertoire for non-Arabic languages.


Scheherazade New provides a “simplified” rendering of Arabic script, using basic connecting glyphs but not including a wide variety of additional ligatures or contextual alternates (only the required lam-alef ligatures). A type sample showing an inventory of some of the unusual of glyphs and features can be seen here: design type samples.

Scheherazade New includes Regular, Medium, SemiBold, and Bold typefaces. See the FAQ to better understand the complexities.

Font Features

This font is an OpenType-enabled font family that supports the Arabic script. It includes a number of optional features that provide alternative rendering that might be preferable for use in some contexts. Read more about our smart font features.

Character Set Support

Scheherazade New includes full support for Unicode 15.0 Arabic ranges (excluding the Arabic Presentation Forms blocks, which are not recommended for normal use). Read more about our character set support.

Common questions

Why does my application not show the Bold weight in font menus and dialogs?

Some applications will list all the weights but leave out Bold. To access the Bold you need to choose Regular and turn on Bold using the application's UI controls such as a "B" button.

Why do I sometimes get a fake Bold?

If you choose a weight other than Regular (such as Medium), then use application controls to turn on Bold, some applications will make a "fake" Bold rather than use one of the real ones in the font (Medium, SemiBold, Bold). This is because only Regular has an associated Bold counterpart. This is a technical limitation with some apps and OSes. If you are using some other weight than Regular for text and want to make a word or phrase stand out you will need to select the text and apply one of the heavier weights manually.

See complete Scheherazade New - FAQ list.

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