This release includes the following changes for this version:

  • Fixed Graphite bug related to spacing of U+2E41
  • Fixed OpenType bug with diacritic position (in the context of a shadda) on lam-alef
  • Fixed OpenType bug in context of kashida insertion (affected diacritics and spacing)
  • Fixed misencoded Delta (U+2209 to U+2206)
  • Fixed TypeTuner bug related to shadda+kasra feature
  • Added and implemented support for U+08E2 DISPUTED END OF AYAH
  • Added two more honorific ligatures
  • Updated design of most simple spelled forms of honorific ligatures
  • Created calligraphic forms of honorific ligatures
  • Added feature cv81, Honorific ligatures, to support turning on simple forms of honorific ligatures

Known Issues

  • Medial and Final high hamza characters may have collisions as these likely do not occur.
  • Lam/high hamza alef ligature does not form as it likely does not occur.
  • Many OpenType applications do not yet support Unicode 13.0 and may not correctly handle the characters in range U+08BE..U+08C7.
  • The honorific ligatures that are currently encoded in the Private Use Area (PUA) of Unicode do not have right-to-left properties. In some cases, you can correct reading order problems by inserting a Right-to-Left mark (U+200F) after the honorific ligature. We will eventually re-encoded these in a new version of the font when they are published in Unicode 14.0.
  • The more calligraphic honorifics do not yet have a bold.

Download the release packages from the Download Page.