This release includes the following changes for this version:

  • Renamed font to Scheherazade New
  • Resizing
    • Resized glyphs to better fit standard Arabic script fonts
    • Adjusted line-spacing to reflect larger characters
    • Adjusted underline and strikethrough positions and weight
  • New characters
    • Updated Arabic script character repertoire to support all characters in the
      Unicode 13.0 BMP Arabic blocks (except for U+08E2 disputed end of ayah)
    • Updated Latin script repertoire to support Recommended characters for Non-Roman fonts
    • Added U+204F and U+2E41 for Sindhi language support
    • Added U+FDFA (sallallahou alayhe wasallam), U+FDFB (jallajalalouhou), and U+FDFD (bismillah)
    • Added Private Use Area honorific ligatures (all of these are in the Unicode pipeline at non-stable codepoints).
  • Design
    • Adjusted vertical position of isolate keheh-like characters
    • Changed design of small v and inverted small v characters (U+063D, U+065A, U+065B, U+0692, U+06B5, U+06C9, U+06CE, U+06EE, U+06EF, U+06FF, U+0756, U+0769, U+077E, U+08B2, U+08BE..U+08C2)
    • Changed design of U+06C5 for Kyrgyz language
    • Changed design of U+0677 and U+06C7
    • Changed design of high hamza characters (U+0674..U+0678)
    • Adjusted the weight and position of some dashes to make them consistent
  • Rendering
    • Implemented new Allah ligature rules
    • Implemented support for UNICODE ARABIC MARK RENDERING (UTR #53)
    • Improved kerning – reh/waw, lam-alef ligature, AE+kaf-like initials, and others
    • Added collision fixes for certain combinations
    • Fixed bug in forming of lam/alef ligatures when automatic kashida justification is turned on
  • Features
    • Added UI name strings for Graphite and OpenType features
    • Removed support for Sindhi-style heh when Sindhi language is selected
    • Removed support for Urdu-style heh when Urdu language is selected
    • Removed “Arabic U” feature
    • Removed “Show invisible characters” feature
    • Removed “Jeh hack” feature
    • Removed “Dotless head of Khah hack” feature
    • Added feature cv51, Kyrgyz OE, supporting the bar design
    • Added feature cv54, Yeh hamza, for Kyrgyz language
    • Added Kyrgyz language support in Graphite and OpenType
    • Added Wolof language support in Graphite and OpenType
    • Added support for Comma downward when Sindhi language is selected

Known Issues

  • Medial and Final high hamza characters may have collisions as these likely do not occur.
  • Lam/high hamza alef ligature does not form as it likely does not occur.
  • Many OpenType applications do not yet support Unicode 13.0 and may not correctly handle the characters in range U+08BE..U+08C7.

Download the release packages from the Download Page.