Release Announcement – May 2024

The big feature for Audio Project Manager 3.1.0 hotfix release is that on the desktop when back translations were transcribed and exported, there were errors trying to load the font. This fixes that issue.

The default workflows include steps for transcribing content other than vernacular content. When this is done, there is a control for setting the language of this content. This is left blank because the software doesn’t know the language of this content. So it is a very good idea to use the edit workflow button (on the team screen) and the gear icon next to these transcription steps to set the language of these transcriptions. If these back translations are in languages requiring a special font (say Arabic or Devanagari) you will need to set the language for the right font to be used.

You can read more about all the changes in the 3.0 release.

Web site:


Here is a detailed list of all the changes.

  • TT-5832 Update language picker to sort canonical name early and handle “no recommended font”

  • TT-5831 Missing Font Selection (#1613)

  • TT-5830 Update language picker to handle undefined input

  • TT-5824 show chosen graphic (#1612)

  • Updated help