A Linguist-Friendly Machine Translation System for Low-Resource Languages


Welcome to FLExTrans, your gateway to linguist-friendly machine translation! At the heart of FLExTrans is the intuitive Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx), which serves as a powerful lexicon management system. It is the essential tool for linguists.

FLExTrans integrates seamlessly with Apertium, a well-respected open-source machine translation platform, to handle the transfer stage of translation. For the synthesis stage, you can choose between STAMP and HermitCrab, depending on your specific needs. As a linguist, you play a crucial role in this system. You will use FLEx to analyze source texts, then connect lexicon entries and craft transfer rules in FLExTrans that enable precise translation at both the word and syntactic levels.

Join us in transforming the way languages are translated, making it more accessible and tailored for linguistic professionals. Dive into FLExTrans and revolutionize your translation experience today!

Discover how FLExTrans is transforming language translation in the Philippines.

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Utilize FLEx's sophisticated built-in morphological parsers to meticulously dissect each word in your text. These parsers unveil the morphemes—the fundamental linguistic units—within each word. As you review and approve these analyses, you’ll be poised for the next step in your FLExTrans journey.


Establish precise connections between source word-senses and their corresponding target word-senses. Employ FLExTrans modules to seamlessly integrate the powerful Apertium engine with your carefully designed transfer rules. The outcome? Target morphemes poised for the next step in your FLExTrans journey.


The concluding FLExTrans modules orchestrate morphological synthesizers, assembling target morphemes into a coherent whole. The result adheres precisely to the linguistic constraints encoded in your target lexicon. Your translated text awaits discovery within the target FLEx project.

Common Questions

Can FLExTrans help me translate between any two languages?

FLExTrans works best between related languages. In theory, you can translate between any two languages, but big linguistic difference mean lots of work to get translation working.

Do I have to have FLEx lexicons in order to use FLExTrans?

FLExTrans needs FLEx lexicons for the source and target languages. You can import from various formats to a FLEx lexicon. You can also gradually grow your lexicons as you go.

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