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FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx)

FieldWorks (FLEx) builds a database of text, lexical items, and cultural information for a community, and is widely used for documenting low-resource languages and cultures, and for publishing their dictionaries.

This comprehensive dictionary database tool equips you with an extensible framework for capturing the intricacies of any language. From compiling texts and words to integrating cultural details, this platform handles a variety of scripts to accommodate diverse linguistic projects. With FieldWorks, the task of interlinearizing texts and analyzing grammar becomes practical and straightforward, whether you’re working with basic patterns or delving into advanced structures.

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Beyond research, FieldWorks enables you to publish your dictionary in both electronic and print formats, to exchange data with ELAN, and to export data in a range of formats. You can broaden your project with tools like Rapid Word Collection, and even assist in creating spell-checking databases. Collaboration is built-in, allowing multiple users to contribute to a shared lexicon, and with bulk editing your workflow remains smooth and cohesive.

Image of sample formatted dictionary entries using FieldWorks.
Publish from FLEx to online or mobile platforms.

Best of all, FLEx is offered under an open-source license, ensuring it’s free for anyone to use, with the added benefit of a supportive community for any assistance you might need.

FieldWorks 9.1

The latest version of FieldWorks is 64bit for better support of large dictionary projects.

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Sharing Data

Send/Receive allows FLEx and WeSay users to share data with each other over the Internet, a USB drive or a local shared drive.

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Word Collection

A significant feature of FLEx is support for Rapid Word Collection, a process to quickly develop a semantically categorized glossary that can be used as a thesaurus and later developed into a dictionary.

More about Rapid Word Collection

Common questions

Where can I get help using FieldWorks??

Problems with the program should be sent to We also have a Google Group of experienced FLEx users who are glad to help. For more information, go to the Help and Training page

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