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Latest Stable Release: FieldWorks 9.0.17
Latest Beta Release: FieldWorks 9.1.14

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Linux-Compatible Releases

FieldWorks is available on both Windows and Linux. When a version is released, it will be released on both platforms. Send/Receive became available for Linux starting with 8.0.5. Data created in one can be opened (or restored) in the other, and vice versa. (Note, Once a project has been updated to a new data model structure, it won’t be readable by older versions of FLEx, regardless of the OS platform.)

  • “The Linux Beta version is available in the experimental section of
  • For installation instructions, see Instructions for installing the Linux version under Install SIL software in Wasta-Linux/Ubuntu.”
  • Both versions were released on Bionic Ubuntu (18.04) and Focal Ubuntu (20.04) through version 9.1.10.
  • The Flatpak version (9.0.17) can be installed on other versions of Linux.