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Latest Stable Release: FieldWorks 8.3.12

Latest Release Candidate: FieldWorks 9.0.7

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Linux-Compatible Releases

Version 9.0.7 has not been released on Linux yet. We will release it as soon as some Linux-only problems are resolved. Since version 8, FieldWorks is available on both Windows and Linux. When a version is released, it will be released on both platforms. Version 9.0.7 is the first exception to this rule. Continue to use version 9.0.6 awhile longer on Linux. Send/Receive became available for Linux starting with 8.0.5. Data created in one can be opened (or restored) in the other, and vice versa. (Note, Once a project has been updated to a new data model structure, it won’t be readable by older versions of FLEx, regardless of the OS platform.)

“The Linux version is available in the experimental section of For installation instructions, see Instructions for installing the Linux version under Install SIL software in Wasta-Linux/Ubuntu.”