Release Notes

  • FieldWorks 9.1 makes several changes to the Discourse area.
    1. New Discourse Chart Templates can be added
    2. A text can be charted for multiple templates
    3. Morpheme rows can now be added in the charts and configured like other rows
    4. The Notes field can be placed on the left or the right of the chart
    5. The tagging tab now allows words to be tagged with more than one type
  • FieldWorks 9.1 uses a new cloud api for uploading to Webonary.
  • There are also improvements to Send/Receive to enhance security and ease of use.
  • FieldWorks 9.1 allows you to update your FieldWorks automatically when a new release comes out. You can set this under Tools -> Options on the Update tab. You still have control whether to install a change or not.
  • FieldWorks 9.1 has a redesigned Interlinear Configuration dialog.

Changes in version 9.1.25

  • LT-21212 Add code to prevent duplication of custom fields and help track down what is causing them.
  • LT-20890 Fonts specified in Dictionary-SenseNumber are now applied to the sense number.
  • LT-21666 Change default for words with spaces, to not be a complex form upon creation.
  • LT-21371 Fix problem of FLEx shutting down randomly with no error.
  • LT-21424 Do lowercase matching for all occurrence indexes.
  • LT-21438 Webonary – Don’t show letter headings for minor entries that aren’t included in upload.
  • LT-21679 Fix crash when inserting senses after setting custom homographic numbers..
  • LT-21670 Allow use of custom numbers for senses.
  • LT-21648 Add ‘Caption or Headword’ field in Dictionary Config.
  • LT-21668 Fix broken SFM import with \rf.
  • LT-21639 Remove trailing ‘/’ from Webonary site name.
  • LT-21447 Display circumfixes per Leipzig standard for APRs.
  • LT-21571 Fix crash when adding a sound file.
  • LT-21638 Save import settings only if a file has been chosen.

Changes in version 9.1.24

  • LT-17493 Hook up Help topic for Exemplar field.
  • LT-20859 Update FLEx Bridge automatically.
  • LT-21573 Fix crash when trying to look at entries that have captions but no picture objects.

Changes in version 9.1.22

  • LT-20038 Fix yellow box crash with metathesis rule in HermitCrab parser.
  • LT-20665 Don’t add new publications to entries in the Publish in Entry field.
  • LT-20889 Fix Hermit Crab parser when there is more than one inflectional variant with a filled slots field.
  • LT-21086 Fix mangled Unicode text in conflict details for any new conflicts (old conflict messages will not be updated).
  • LT-21308 Display all writing systems in the Set Up Vernacular/Analysis dialogs whether the box is checked or not.
  • LT-21419 Add support for improved lexical interface with Paratext.
  • LT-21421 Fix invalid XML for reduplication environments thst id produced.
  • LT-21433 Fix Bulk Edit crash when ICU collation starts with a comment.
  • LT-21435 Improve performance parsing suffixing-only languages.with XAmple.
  • LT-21444 Improve picture dialog: allow selecting images from the Art of Reading collection; allow scanning and cropping images; allow adding copyright information to images.
  • LT-21453 Add Creator, Copyright, and License to Picture field in Configure Dictionary.
  • LT-21451 Include entry headword in error details related to bad .wav files when uploading to Webonary rather than stopping the upload with no help for ths issue.
  • LT-21452 Allow SFM import of Extended Notes.
  • LT-21462 Before attempting to send and receive over the Internet, verify that complete credentials and a project ID have been entered.
  • LT-17398 Add Exemplar field to Senses (partial): Exemplars can be imported from SFM and published in dictionaries, but they cannot be exported yet.

Changes in version 9.1.21

  • LT-14240, LT-16220 FieldWorks no longer crashes clicking OK if you pick no inflection features in Cat. Edit.
  • LT-18415, LT-20851 The grammatical info dropdown data from inflection class, inflection features. and grammatical info details are no longer jammed together.
  • LT-20702 Improve message on flextext import failures to include failing field name.
  • LT-21120 Fix crash when adding Variant writing systems in More tab of New Project dialog.
  • LT-21218 Links to variants/complex forms no longer exist if ‘Show minor entry’ is unchecked.
  • LT-21411 Add Analytics to record when Help is called.
  • LT-21417 Add ability to export all lists to xml and transpose to htm.
  • LT-21429 Fix hyperlinks that are not working in Dictionary view and Webonary.

Changes in version 9.1.20

  • LT-21414 Change the service that we use to gather anonymous usage information for those users who have opted in.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.19

  • LT-20157 Allow spaces in the Language Depot password. Requires FLExBridge 4.0.0 not included with patch.
  • LT-21214 Hermit Crab uses default inflection class higher in category hierarchy.
  • LT-21221 Word Grammar Debugger now uses UTF-8.
  • LT-21224 Force Lowercase URL in Upload to Webonary dialog.
  • LT-21232 With Chinese UI, Flex no longer brings up a localization message every time S/R is used.
  • LT-21275 Allow @ in the Language Depot ID and password. Requires FLExBridge 4.0.0 not included with patch.
  • LT-21294 Word grammar now handles stem names correctly for a template that requires more derivation.
  • LT-21295 ProjectDictionaryOverrides.css is now being uploaded to Webonary.
  • LT-21296 Update Hermit Crab and Machine libraries to latest from Nuget.
  • LT-21307 Webonary upload of reversals now includes proper letter headings.
  • LT-21310 Duplicated References Sections now show their children in the Configure Dictionary dialog.
  • LT-21326 Fix Import Dialect Labels on Subentries.
  • LT-21331 Fix many random crashes while editing in data entry.
  • LT-21360 Fix crash switching from Default to previously created custom Template in certain text charts.
  • LT-21387 Prevent confusion setting project in upload to Webonary.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.18

  • LT-21209 Changes to FLExBridge interface to make it clearer for users.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.17

  • LT-17535 Correct crash when adding ‘enter’ to interlinear texts baseline from the concordance.
  • LT-21175 Update Webonary upload message text.
  • LT-21176 Record ImportResidue on changes made through the FwLexicalPlugin.
  • LT-21186 Fix crash trying to sort reversal subentries.
  • LT-21191 Multiparagraph fields no longer block upload to Webonary.
  • LT-21195 Configure Interlinear Dialog correctly displays localized languages.
  • LT-21197 Interlinear New Analysis now opens blank analysis.
  • LT-21198 Webonary upload now uses correct collation with multiple indexes.
  • LT-21200 Flex now switches out of Chinese and Korean IMEs in embedded strings.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.16

  • LT-21140 Memory problems from duplicate sil:url elements in ldml.
  • LT-21138 Assert thrown when entering data with more than one writing system.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.15

  • LT-18315 Letter Headings are now correct if sorting is by something other than Headword.
  • LT-20698 Support provided. Non-US time separators can be fixed with the “Write Everything” utility.
  • LT-20800 Notify of model changes before install.
  • LT-21078 Prevent from showing up in Dictionary and Webonary.
  • LT-21090 FLEx no longer generates illegal CSS rules for Numbering, that cause Pathway to fail.
  • LT-21105 Install the latest version of the XAmple parser to prevent crashes.
  • LT-21106 Fix crash when breaking certain words into morphemes.
  • LT-21112 Fix crash starting FLEx when the project refers to a keyboard that is not installed on the computer.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.14

  • LT-11482 Export concordance results.
  • LT-19843 Don’t show parsing error when navigating to Reversal Indexes.
  • LT-20807 Avoid deadlock when Sending & Receiving projects with many messages.
  • LT-20883 Correct error in File -> Print with lots of data.
  • LT-20952 Correct failure to refresh in Reversal Indexes view.
  • LT-21060 Clean up when deleting Complex Feature to avoid crashes.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.13

  • LT-20768 Pre-populate new templates in text charts.
  • LT-20883 Fix File -> Print of large dictionaries by exporting to PDF.
  • LT-20930 Fix hyperlinks to an entry in another project from a custom field.
  • LT-21010 FLEx now supports upper Unicode planes in the writing system file, but more work is needed in some areas including the Valid Characters dialog.
  • LT-21034 Fix crash switching field in Bulk Edit Replace.
  • LT-21050 Add checkboxes to custom segment fields where missing.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.12

  • LT-20058 Sharing mode now saves Flex changes while Phonology Assistant is running.
  • LT-20690 mp4 files now work in Webonary.
  • LT-20867 Change label of Log in button on FLEx Bridge.
  • LT-20881 Fix crash after pressing enter then backspace in a long text.
  • LT-20678 Interlinear configuration now migrates correctly between version 9.0 and 9.1.
  • LT-20959 When inflection sub items not shown, attempting to show them no longer crashes.
  • LT-20995 Use ICU search in interlinear when finding potential morphemes.
  • LT-21001 Update the Malay Semantic Domains.
  • LT-21002 Fix a crash that occurs when clicking an entry in Lexicon edit after making changes in the Sorting tab of Writing Systems Properties.
  • LT-21047 FXT now supports custom lists.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.11

  • LT-08457 Sorting by Occurrence sorts sorts on selected word and following context (Sort from end not yet working).
  • LT-20197 Upgrade to ICU 7.0.
  • LT-20634 Fix Custom discourse charts to print column headers properly.
  • LT-20651 When FLEx leaves behind a lot of null files, don’t crash, clean them up.
  • LT-20678 Interlinear configuration now migrates correctly between version 9.0 and 9.1.
  • LT-20704 Show Morph Token on Lexeme Form, stop showing it on Headword using Citation Form.
  • LT-20734 Send / Receive works on a New Machine.
  • LT-20866 Custom field is not displayed in the Configure Interlinear Lines dialog, in the Gloss tab.
  • LT-20884 Add missing alpha headings for ambiguous multigraphs.
  • LT-20922 Fix Pular collation issues (works in upper Unicode planes).
  • LT-20955 Fix crash importing books from Paratext with figures.
  • LT-20957 Shifting the Notes column no longer makes bad prints.
  • LT-21009 Installer now properly initializes ICU custom properties from older versions.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.10

  • LT-20754 Promoted senses now bring along more entry level fields.
  • LT-20816 Projects can use case systems from other writing systems to generate dictionary letter headings.
  • LT-20841 Configure Interlinear Dialog now shows correct checks for custom fields.
  • LT-20880 Fix FLExText exports for variations of writing systems.
  • LT-20944 Reenable Send & Receive -> Check for FLEx Bridge Updates.
  • LT-20954 Stop giving import errors when LIFT file is not in its own directory.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.9

  • LT-17589 Dialect labels are now available in SFM import/export.
  • LT-19174 Archiving with RAMP now works in Linux (SIL).
  • LT-20697 Correct exports to XLingPaper in Linux.
  • LT-20794 SFM data imported into Linux is now available.
  • LT-20795 Add additional information to the crash report so crash adding Genesis from an associated project in Choose Texts can be fixed.
  • LT-20797 Provide a way for LCMBrowser to work in Linux.
  • LT-20832 Line breaks \A in configuration now work in Webonary.
  • LT-20837 An Empty text, on restart, uses non-English Flex UI ws instead of 1st vern ws in baseline.
  • LT-20847 Parse possibilities now include lexical gloss in the drop-down box.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.8

  • LT-20846 Fix gloss line turns to stars when parse chosen.
  • LT-20858 Go to the right word in a word in text.
  • LT-20628 Fix problem in many Windows locales that causes a popup saying that localization language isn’t available.
  • LT-20662 Fix crash adding custom fields in interlinear texts.
  • LT-20715 Display custom field content under dictionary configuration grouping nodes.
  • LT-20783 Delete old installer files.
  • LT-20815 Show entire Project combobox in S&R settings.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.7

  • LT-19629 Adding an audio recording causes the date modified to be updated.
  • LT-20442 In Configure Interlinear Lines, use correct checkboxes for custom fields.
  • LT-20669 Sound files imported from The Combine entries are now playable in the Lexicon Edit view.
  • LT-20800 Notify users if there are model changes before installing automatic updates.
  • LT-20813 Move “Install Updates?” notifications to the front when FLEx opens.
  • LT-20840 In interlinear configuration, ‘Add Line’ now adds lines for ‘Literal Translation’, ‘Lex. Entries’ and ‘Free Translation’

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.6

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.5

  • LT-18814 Fix crash in “Find in Dictionary” if the lexical entry has any picture added to 9.1.5 from 9.0.17.
  • LT-18819 Fix crash on Browse pane when opening the Print dialog added to 9.1.5 from 9.0.17.
  • LT-19171, LT-20756 Implement automatic updates. By default, FieldWorks will download the latest available update when it is available. Patch updates are about 200 MB and are published every month or two. This version downloads only patch updates. Next month, we plan to release a patch that can download and install all updates (some are 360 MB). So users will automatically receive all updates.
  • LT-19891 Fix for the help link on the sorting tab in Writing System properties added to 9.1.5 from 9.0.17.
  • LT-20483 In Linux, clicking Help in any area in the FieldWorks application now works added to 9.1.5 from 9.0.17.
  • LT-20585 Fix a problem with the online installers.
  • LT-20613 Preserve order of renamed custom fields.
  • LT-20688 Preserve order of configured interlinear lines.
  • LT-20690 .mp3 files no longer crash and block uploading to Webonary.However,mp3 files will not play on Webonary until some more work is done. This should be completed next month.
  • LT-20696, LT-20525, LT-20731, LT-20763 Completed dictionary tables.
  • LT-20714 Multiple Ignorable characters no longer generate letter headings.
  • LT-20724 Fix RTL document flow for dictionaries.
  • LT-20725 Webonary upload fixed for some RTL project data.
  • LT-20726 Webonary upload fixed for on projects with ‘No Name’ lexical references to sense.
  • LT-20727 Crashes fixed with text charts but more work will be done. This should be completed next month.
  • LT-20736 Custom fields other than single line text are again available for mapping in SFM import.
  • LT-20744 Add flextext phrase item type=”txt” on export for ELAN users.
  • LT-20772 Fix crash trying to reorder Text Chart templates.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.4

  • LT-20525 New ability to add tables to entries/senses. It’s not fully implemented, but is useable.
  • LT-20585, LT-20631 Fix some problems with the online installers.
  • LT-20622 Variant Type position can now be controlled in configuration.
  • LT-20660 Fix crash when changing morph type to an extended type.
  • LT-20672 Add ability to reorder writing systems in free and literal translations and notes in texts.
  • LT-20675 Update error message for trying to promote part of discourse chart.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.3

  • LT-20440 Remember size for Configure Interlinear Lines dialog.
  • LT-20441 Make Configure Interlinear Lines columns narrower.
  • LT-20412 Fix crash in Text Chart tab in Texts & Words view.
  • LT-20446 Fix problems moving interlinear writing systems up and down.
  • LT-20484 Fix problem with Configure interlinear lines dialog in Linux.
  • LT-20543 Print should work for full dictionary though note that printing large dictionaries may require more than 8 Gb of memory.
  • LT-20582 Add new import option for data exported from The Combine.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.2

  • LT-19468, LT-20534 Increase S/R password security
  • LT-19915 Discourse Charts exported to Word will now open in Office 2019 and 365.
  • LT-20407 Update the Send/Receive Internet dialog in Chorus.
  • LT-20490 Fix crash when clicking add a new question button near messages field in the entry pane.
  • LT-20521 FLEx Bridge 3.1.7 and 3.2.0 are now working with FW 9.1 build on Linux.
  • LT-20549 Add “Remember password” checkbox to S/R dialogs.
  • LT-20555 Provide a relevant message when entering invalid username/password in S/R.
  • LT-20590 Fix Linux crash when trying to start.
  • LT-20621 Fix error upgrading from 9.1.1 to 9.1.2.
  • LT-20623 Fix FLEx Bridge 3.2.0 cosmetic defects in Linux.

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.1

  • LT-20515 Add improved error reporting and stability on the initial upload to Webonary.
  • LT-20488 Fix CSS bug “flex-line-height” instead of “line-height” in configured export.
  • LT-19559 Fix XAmple parsing problem that can result in an extremely long word parse time.
  • LT-20249 Correct HermitCrab “Try a word” crash in Linux that worked in Windows.