For an orientation to FieldWorks, visit our library of demo movies. These provide a video tutorial on how to create your dictionary while showing key features of the tool. More detail can be found in the Overview page.

Orientation – Features

Consistency. At its core, FieldWorks not only stores your data, but maintains consistency by keeping each piece of data in just one place. If you decide to change a link or a spelling, the change appears everywhere that item is referenced.

Writing systems. Got multiple scripts? FieldWorks is designed to let you type and display multiple writing systems, even complex ones, in all the places you need them.

Structure and Visibility. You can choose to show only the data fields you need for the moment, and then reveal more when you are ready. Either way, your data is orderly and accessible.

If you haven’t already, you can begin with this Quick Video Tour of FieldWorks:

Orientation – Lexicon area

The Lexicon area keeps details about the building blocks of words in your language.

Orientation – Grammar area

The Grammar area uses Texts you enter along with information from the Lexicon area, to compose a grammatical description of your language. As you understand more and refine your data, it shows up in the Grammar Sketch.

Orientation – Texts & Words area

Orientation – Lists area

Orientation – Notebook area