Chorus Hub

ChorusHub allows teams using a LAN to Send/Receive Language data quickly and easily


Chorus Hub

Are you part of a team with more than one person using a program like FieldWorks or WeSay on the same data on different computers? Are there times when this team meets in person and has a Local Area Network (LAN) connecting their computers? If your team has done this, and the Internet is intermittent or expensive, ChorusHub is for you! ChorusHub provides the option for team members on a LAN to Send/Receive data with one another without the use of the Internet or a USB stick. You install ChorusHub on one machine in the network and then it can can be used with WeSay, FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx) (with FLExBridge), and OneStory Editor, or any other software using the Chorus technology. ChorusHub installs and runs as a Windows Service, and can be run as a background process on a Linux machine.

Work Together

ChorusHub lets your team exchange data more quickly, enabling effective cooperation.

Work Simply

With ChorusHub you don't have to keep track of which USB stick you last gave to which team member.

Work Efficiently

Use ChorusHub to get your local team working efficiently when bandwidth is a concern.

Common questions

Do I need to install ChorusHub on all my computers?

ChorusHub should be installed on only one computer for your LAN. It is best if this computer is always running.

How can I tell if ChorusHub is running?

Since ChorusHub is designed to run as a service it does not have any user facing windows. On windows you can tell if it is running by looking in the Windows Services or in the Task Manager.

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