The power tool for Standard Format lexicons



Solid is a software tool that can be used to check, clean up, and convert standard format lexicon data.

Who Should Use Solid?

If you or someone you know has a Standard Format Lexicon, you can use Solid to find structural issues with the data. Use Solid when preparing your data for publication, or when you want to start using other tools to maintain your lexicon, such as WeSay or FieldWorks Language Explorer. Even if (or especially if) you continue to work in SFM, it is a good idea to periodically run Solid to check the data; this can nip inconsistencies in the bud.

Current Status

See the Download page for release notes, and the issue tracker for priorities and known issues. Solid has a small audience and does not get a lot of testing/feedback. If you come across issues, use Help | About, or create a new issue here in the bug tracker (you may need to sign up first).

Key Features

  • Validate an SFM lexicon file against a known standard such as MDF.
  • Document the structure of the data file by specifying the hierarchical relationship between fields.

  • Document the writing system of fields in the data file.
  • Document and validate the encoding (either Unicode or legacy) of data in the file.
  • Generates a small navigable report so you can browse the records which may have a particular issue.

  • Provides a count of the number of times a field occurs in the data file.
  • Experimental: export to LIFT XML (readable by WeSay, FieldWorks, and Lexique Pro).