Charis SIL

A family of highly readable fonts for broad multilingual use


Charis SIL is a Unicode-based font family that supports the wide range of languages that use the Latin and Cyrillic scripts. It is specially designed to make long texts pleasant and easy to read, even in less than ideal reproduction and display environments.

Highly legible design

The design of Charis SIL is optimized for high readability at low resolutions, but is also clean and clear on the latest high-resolution devices. It is an ideal choice for new readers moving on from simple sans-serif forms. Read more about its design.

Ideal for publishing

This family of fonts is suitable for a wide range of publishing needs, from print to web to mobile. It supports advanced OpenType and Graphite typographic features useful for multilingual texts, including careful diacritic positioning and small caps. Read more about our smart font features.

Complete character set

The Latin and Cyrillic scripts are used to write thousands of languages around the world. Charis SIL provides comprehensive support for these writing systems, and includes a wide range of additional characters and symbols useful for linguistics and literacy work. Read more about our character set support.

Common questions

What characters are included with this release?

See Character Set Support for the full listing.

Why is there an inversion of names? (eg SIL Charis -> Charis SIL)

If SIL is in front of a font name then that probably means it is a legacy font. If it is after the font name it probably means it is Unicode.

See complete Charis SIL - FAQ list.

See complete Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek Fonts - FAQ list.

See System Requirements.

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