Release 2.100

This release addresses an issue in Wambule texts that have implosives that were in use before characters for Sindhi implosives were encoded in Unicode. There also were TypeTuner corrections and bug fixes. Details are:

  • Enabled rendering for a unique sequence (an implosive) in the Wambule language
    • Consists of a DDA, BA or LA half-form (using ZWJ) plus a full vowel A
    • The sequence may include a vowel sign or virama (halant)
    • Inspect the GSUB OpenType code for details since this is not usual behaviour
  • Added TypeTuner support for Ra+Ukar+Nukta ligature (feature in Stylistic Set 16)
  • Fixed CHA variant bug (feature in Stylistic Set 17)
  • Fixed ikar + vowel reordering bug (Graphite only)

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