Annapurna SIL supports the following Unicode blocks:

Unicode block Annapurna support
Devanagari (0900..097F) complete
Devanagari Extended (A8E0..A8FB) complete
Common Indic Number Forms (A830..A839) complete
Codepage 1252 (Western) complete

The font also includes the legacy Rupee Sign (U+20A8) and the Indian Rupee Sign (U+20B9) from the Currency Symbols block. A selection of characters from the General Punctuation block, such as various-sized spaces, are also supported.

Latin Codepage 1252 support is provided as a convenience, e.g., for use in menus or for displaying markup in text files. These fonts are not intended for extensive Latin script use.

A utility such as SIL ViewGlyph can be used to examine the exact repertoire of each font.