Annapurna SIL

Release 1.203

Annapurna SIL font version 1.203 is a maintenance release that fixes some Graphite bugs involving reph position chaining rules and a conjunct half-form. An OpenType rule for the “ra halant ra halant” sequence was changed to match the Graphite rendering as reph over ra-halant. Read More

Release 1.202

AnnapurnaSIL (a Devanagari script font) version 1.202 is a maintenance release fixing two issues. One was in Graphite where reph was skipping the aakar after the ya. The second was an issue on Windows computers where the candrabindu disappeared at certain point sizes in the Bold font. Testing pointed to… Read More

Release 1.200

This release has support for the complete Devanagari block of The Unicode Standard version 7.0. The following are the additions and changes: Added glyph U+0978 from the Devanagari block Added half forms of all the consonant-rakar conjuncts Fixed a near collision between Ha-Nukta and the uukar in the Bold font… Read More