AnnapurnaSIL (a Devanagari script font) version 1.202 is a maintenance release fixing two issues. One was in Graphite where reph was skipping the aakar after the ya. The second was an issue on Windows computers where the candrabindu disappeared at certain point sizes in the Bold font. Testing pointed to a hinting issue. We used TTFautohint instead of FontLab hinting and testing has shown that it fixed the issue. A bonus from the new process is it reduces the file size.

Additionally, since no news release was made for Annapurna version 1.201, a maintenance version was released in August 2016 which fixes two issues. One was a Graphite reordering issue when reph and ikar are in a cluster. The second was a Graphite issue affecting typeTuner fonts.

Download the release packages from the Download Page.