A Kirat Rai script font for the Bantawa language of Sikkim.



Kanchenjunga is a font family for the Kirat Rai script of South Asia. It is named after the third highest mountain in the world.

Please note that this font is using provisional codepoints that are not officially accepted into The Unicode Standard. The Kirat Rai script has been accepted for encoding into a future version of the Unicode Standard, but those codepoints can always change. Once the script is accepted into Unicode the encoding assignments may change.

Language support

The Kirat Rai script is used to write the Bantawa language in the Sikkim state of India.
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Two weights are provided in this font package (Regular and Bold). Read more about the design.

Character set

Kanchenjunga includes full support for the provisional Unicode codepoints for the Kirat Rai block. See the Character Set Support page for details.

Common questions

Where does the name Kanchenjunga come from?

Kanchenjunga is world’s third highest mountain situated on the border between Sikkim state, and eastern Nepal. Etymology of this name is found in Britannica: The name Kanchenjunga is derived from four words of Tibetan origin, usually rendered Kang-chen-dzo-nga or Yang-chhen-dzö-nga and interpreted in Sikkim as the “Five Treasuries of the Great Snow.” This peak represents the geographical distribution of the Bantawa language quite well.

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