Prepare dictionary and Scripture data for distribution in various formats



Pathway 1.18.5 hotfix release works with .net 4.6.2 and later on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SIL Fieldworks more info »

Pathway prepares dictionary and Scripture data in open document (odf), e-book (epub 2.0), portable document (pdf), TeX and J2ME (jar) formats. Print and electronic publications can be distributed on web sites, Android cell phones, and Java feature phones. Indirectly, Pathway can be used for doc, docx, Kindle®, and Nook®. The epub format will also work on tablets using software for reading e-books.


Pathway appears as a plug-in on the FIeldWorks and Paratext menus to allow the user to prepare booklets for testing or small scale publication. For dictionary content it is often used for major publications too.

Pathway in Action

Electronic Output

Pathway will prepare output in a number of electronic formats. The Epub format is one that will flow the content onto various screen sizes. There are apps for reading Epubs on most platforms.

Output media

Macro and detailed Goals

Pathway facilitates a language development initiative meeting broader public relations goals.

Dictionary Formatting in Detail

Common questions

Can I customize Pathway output?
Pathway is designed to be largely automated. This means some style sheets have been set up to allow you to get reasonable output quickly. It is possible to customize Pathway output but it will require some knowledge of Cascading Style Sheet Technology.

What platforms does Pathway support?
Pathway will run on Windows and Linux 32 bit or 64 bit platforms. It can run on other platforms in a virtual machine. The 1.15.4 version is .net 4.6.1 which no longer supports Windows XP or Vista.

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