A typeface for the nations


Gentium is a typeface family designed to enable the diverse ethnic groups around the world who use the Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts to produce readable, high-quality publications. It supports almost the complete range of Unicode characters for these scripts, including a comprehensive range of diacritics and a large set of symbols useful for linguistics and literacy work.

Award-winning design

Gentium was a winner of the TDC2003 Type Design Competition and was exhibited as part of the bukva:raz! exhibit at the UN Headquarters Main Lobby, 17 Jan – 13 Feb, 2002. Read more about its design.

Three scripts

Gentium Plus is carefully designed to support the full range of letterforms for three scripts while bringing harmony to their design. Each font contains over 4,200 glyphs and supports advanced OpenType features useful for multilingual texts, including careful diacritic positioning and small caps. Read more about our font features.

Complete character set

The Latin and Cyrillic scripts are used to write thousands of languages around the world. Gentium Plus provides comprehensive support for these writing systems, and includes a wide range of additional characters and symbols useful for linguistics and literacy work. Gentium Plus also supports the Greek script. Read more about our character set support.

Common questions

What is the difference between Gentium, Gentium Plus, and Gentium Basic?

Gentium Plus is based on the original Gentium design, but with an expanded character and glyph repertoire and near-complete support for Latin, Cyrillic and Greek. Version 6 now includes eight fonts in four weights. Gentium Basic is a Latin-only, limited-character-set version.

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