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Gentium Plus Release 6.200

Release 6.200 – New features and additional character support This release is focused on adding features and 240+ glyphs, including support for over 180 additional characters mostly from Unicode 14 and 15. It does not include significant changes to line spacing, glyph widths, or kerning that might cause document reflow… Read More

Gentium Plus Release 6.101 TypeTuner Web

This is a maintenance release primarily focused on making the v6 fonts available on TypeTuner Web. This enables us to also provide v6 versions of many special-purpose modified fonts, including Literacy and Compact versions. Both desktop and web fonts are provided in a single, all-platforms package on the Download… Read More

Release 6.001 Quick Fix

This is a quick fix release with one change especially important to users of some macOS apps, esp. TextEdit, Pages, and Nisus Writer Pro. If you have already installed v6.000 and have encountered problems with unrecognized fonts in those apps, then this new version will eliminate that problem. If you… Read More

Release 6.000 – with a range of bold and italic weights!

We’re excited to announce the long-awaited version 6 release of Gentium Plus. This release is full of new features and important improvements, including full character support in all styles. The Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic—and full Book weight family— formerly only available in Gentium Basic are now in the main… Read More

Release v5.000 Font Subsets

This release includes Regional Font Subsets for Charis SIL, Doulos SIL, Gentium Plus and Andika (v5.000). These fonts contain both OpenType and Graphite smart font rendering. This is the first release of the subset fonts where Graphite is included. Each regional font only contains the characters (and… Read More

Known Issues in v5.000

U+0327 COMBINING CEDILLA and U+0328 COMBINING OGONEK do not consistently position properly under some characters (such an U+014A LATIN CAPITAL LETTER ENG) in Graphite, but they do in OpenType. This should not generally be a problem as the characters affected do not usually require cedilla or ogonek. An alternate form… Read More

Release 5.000

This release includes the following changes for this version: Added Stylistic Sets to the font for OpenType support of previously Graphite-only features Added Character Variants to the font for OpenType support of previously Graphite-only features Added Serbian feature when Serbian language is turned on Added hook D variant feature (for… Read More

Gentium Basic 1.102

Although the Gentium Basic and Gentium Book Basic fonts are older than the Gentium Plus font, and have a much smaller character repertoire, they have some wonderful features that are still missing from the main Gentium family. New features include: Bold! Bold Italic! The slightly-heavier Book family! The Basic fonts… Read More

New SIL Font News announcements list

If you wish to receive announcements about updates to any of our SIL fonts, please subscribe to our SIL Font News Google Group. This is not a discussion list, it is purely a place for SIL to give news and announcements related to all SIL font releases. Thus, it will… Read More

Release v1.510 (maintenance release)

The only change in this maintenance release is a change in the Graphite feature identifiers from integers to 4-character alphanumeric tags. This was required because although Mozilla Firefox has now implemented support for Graphite, feature identifiers only work if they are 4-character alphanumeric tags. If you would… Read More

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