Although the Gentium Basic and Gentium Book Basic fonts are older than the Gentium Plus font, and have a much smaller character repertoire, they have some wonderful features that are still missing from the main Gentium family.

New features include:

  • Bold!
  • Bold Italic!
  • The slightly-heavier Book family!

The Basic fonts support a subset of the smart font features that the Gentium Plus font supports. Those features are:

  • Capital Eng alternates
  • Literacy alternates
  • Capital Y-hook alternate
  • Capital N-left-hook alternate
  • Modifier apostrophe alternate
  • Modifier colon alternate
  • Open o alternate
  • Vietnamese-style diacritics

The Basic fonts provide less support than Gentium Plus in the following ways:

  • fewer characters
  • no Cyrillic
  • no Greek

See Character Set Support for further information on the characters Gentium Basic Supports.