Clickable Links, Sense Links, Generate Module

  • FLExTrans now creates clickable hyperlinks from the source project sense to the target project sense. The hyperlinks are named according to the target entry headword and gloss. Previously the links were not clickable.
  • Internally FLExTrans now links to the target sense using the internal target sense id. Now reordering target senses will not cause problems. Also, there is now only one custom field needed in the source project.
  • There’s a new Generate All Parses module. This module creates a file with all the parses that can be generated from the target FLEx project, based on its inflectional templates. It is possible to limit output to a single POS or Citation Form or to a specified number of random stems.
  • Hermit crab tracing can now be turned on when using the Live Rule Tester. A webpage will be shown with the steps taken for synthesizing the word in question.
  • A new module called Do Synthesis will do either STAMP synthesis or HermitCrab synthesis depending on the type of synthesis chosen in the settings.
  • The Settings Tool was reorganized to list settings by category.
  • Glosses are allowed to be identical in an entry. No warning will be given now.
  • Bug fixes