FLExTrans version 3.10.1 released

Source features in the bilingual lexicon, FlexTools 2.3.1 Inflection feature and class abbreviations are now included on the source side of the Bilingual Lexicon. This means you no longer have to delete source features and classes that previously got carried over to the target word in your transfer rules. FlexTools… Read More

FLExTrans mentioned in SIL Blog Post

Linking data between similar languages accelerates translation efforts in the Philippines. When members of the Ayta Mag-Antsi community heard the book of Ruth read aloud in their language for the first time, something surprising occurred… Read more in: Connecting the Dots | SIL International… Read More

FLExTrans version 3.10 released

FlexTools 2.3, Interface improvements FLExTrans now uses FlexTools 2.3 and Python 3.11 which is now part of the FLExTrans install. (Python 3.11 or higher will work with FLExTrans) The Live Rule Tester now has zoom controls to increase or decrease the text size. The Live Rule Tester now remembers which… Read More

FLExTrans Version 3.9.1 Released

Compatible with Fieldworks 9.1.22 and higher In version 9.1.22 of Fieldworks, there were compatibility issues between Fieldworks and FlexTools. This 3.9.1 version of FLExTrans includes the newest libraries for FlexTools as well as FLExTrans compatibility changes to make it work with Fieldworks 9.1.22 and up. Read More

FLExTrans Version 3.9 Released

Clickable Links, Sense Links, Generate Module FLExTrans now creates clickable hyperlinks from the source project sense to the target project sense. The hyperlinks are named according to the target entry headword and gloss. Previously the links were not clickable. Internally FLExTrans now links to the target sense using the internal… Read More

FLExTrans Version 3.8 Released

HermitCrab Synthesis, Settings via Menu, Export Unlinked Senses, FlexTools Interface Improvements Support for HermitCrab synthesis – For target projects that use HermitCrab for their parsing system, FLExTrans will correctly synthesize target morphemes to produce words using the HermitCrab grammar constraints defined in the project. Integration of the newest version of… Read More

FLExTrans Version 3.7 Released

Sense Linker and Live Rule Tester Improvements Live Rule Tester Choose a different source text from a drop-down list. The Select Words and Select Sentences tabs stay in sync. Improved support for using Apertium’s advance transfer method with three rule files. Interface improvements The FLExTools main window now shows the… Read More

FLExTrans Version 3.6 Released

Inflection classes are supported in synthesis and you can use any analysis writing system Support for inflection classes and stem names in synthesis You no longer have to have English as the analysis WS for both FLEx projects. You get a pop-up tool tip in the Live Rule Tester when… Read More

FLExTrans Version 3.5 Released

Multiple Projects, No Linux Required, Settings Tool and Paratext Import/Export There’s a new folder structure with a sub-folder called WorkProjects. Under this folder you can have multiple FLExTrans projects. Just double-click the FlexTools.vbs file in the desired project folder to do FLExTrans work for that project. Under each project folder are new folders… Read More

FLExTrans Version 3.3 Released

Download FLExTrans 3.3 The Sense Linker Tool has some good improvements: Complex forms such as phrasal verbs are now displayed in the list. You can now filter the words to link further by not displaying proper nouns. Proper nouns will now not be considered when looking for a… Read More

FLExTrans Version 3.2.1 Released

FLExTools20WithFLExTrans 3.2.1.zip (FLExTrans 3.2.1 with Sense Linker 3.0 & Live Rule Tester 3.2.5) Bug fixes Please follow the installation steps if you are installing FLExTrans for the first time. Read More

FLExTrans Version 3.2 Released

FLExTools20WithFLExTrans 3.2 (FLExTrans 3.2 with Sense Linker 3.0 & Live Rule Tester 3.2.5) Support for doing syntax parsing and tree manipulation. You can now integrate with the program Use PCPATR with FLEx to parse your FLEx text syntactically. When you approve one of the parses (shown… Read More

FLExTrans Version 2.0 Released

FLExTools20WithFLExTrans 2.0 (FLExTrans 2.0 with Sense Linker 2.2.1 & Live Rule Tester 3.1.2) – December 12, 2019 FLExTrans now is compatible with FLEx 9. Please follow the installation steps if you are installing FLExTrans for the first time. Read More

FLExTrans Version 1.7 Released

FLExToolsWithFLExTrans 1.7 (FLExTrans 1.7 with Sense Linker 2.2.1 & Live Rule Tester 3.1.2) FLExTrans now has a Testbed feature! Run the Testbed after making changes to your system (e.g. a new transfer rule) to verify that you are getting the same results as before. This is a… Read More

FLExTrans Version 1.6 Released

FLExToolsWithFLExTrans.zip 1.6 (FLExTrans 1.6 with Sense Linker 2.2.1 & Live Rule Tester 3.0) The Live Rule Tester Tool has a great new feature for previewing the synthesis result for a word or words that you transferred with the tool. Now you can test a word from beginning… Read More

FLExTrans Version 1.5.1 Released

FLExToolsWithFLExTrans.zip 1.5.1 (FLExTrans 1.5.1 with Sense Linker 2.2.1, Live Rule Tester 2.2.1 & Set Up Transfer Rule Grammatical Categories Tool 1.0) The new Set Up Transfer Rule Grammatical Categories tool initializes the grammatical categories in the transfer rules file. Bug fixes in the main modules and other… Read More

FLExTrans Version 1.5 Released

FLExToolsWithFLExTrans.zip 1.5 (FLExTrans 1.5 with Sense Linker 2.2, Live Rule Tester 2.2 & Source/Target Viewer 1.0) The new Viewer tool displays the Apertium source or target file in a more readable manner. Live Rule Tester: supports the new more readable format of Apertium lexical units, supports direct… Read More

FLExTrans Version 1.4 Released

FLExToolsWithFLExTrans.zip 1.4 (FLExTrans 1.4 with Sense Linker 2.2 and Live Rule Tester 2.0) Main modules: Use the Windows 10 Linux subsystem for the Apertium piece. Read More

FLExTrans Version 1.3.10 Released

FLExToolsWithFLExTrans.zip 1.3.10 (FLExTrans 1.3.10 with Sense Linker 2.2 and the new Live Rule Tester 2.0) Live Rule Tester: Support for advanced Apertium transfer using 3 rule files. Main modules: bug fixes… Read More

FLExTrans Version 1.3.9 Released

FLExToolsWithFLExTrans.zip 1.3.9 (FLExTrans 1.3.9 with SenseLinker 2.1 and the new Live Rule Tester 1.0.2) Support for a scripture text as the text to translate… Read More

FLExTrans Version 1.3.8 Released

FLExToolsWithFLExTrans.zip 1.3.8 (FLExTrans 1.3.8 with SenseLinker 2.1 and the new Live Rule Tester 1.0.1)  – November 8, 2016 Sense Linker now has checkboxes for the Link It column… Read More

FLExTrans Version 1.3.7 Released

FLExToolsWithFLExTrans.zip 1.3.7 (FLExTrans 1.3.7 with SenseLinker 2.0.1 and the new Live Rule Tester 1.0) Sense Linker now has checkboxes for the Link It column… Read More

FLExTrans Version 1.1 Released

FlexTrans 1.1.zip FLExTrans Version 1.1 Handles irregularly inflected forms. Handles morphology on initial component of a complex form. Preserves case on words. Read More