FLExToolsWithFLExTrans 1.7 (FLExTrans 1.7 with Sense Linker 2.2.1 & Live Rule Tester 3.1.2)

  • FLExTrans now has a Testbed feature! Run the Testbed after making changes to your system (e.g. a new transfer rule) to verify that you are getting the same results as before. This is a huge help to make sure words and sentences that are translating as you expect won’t start giving you different results. You add new tests to the Testbed from the Live Rule Tester tool. And now there is a collection of tools for automatically running the Testbed. There is a Testbed Log Viewer tool that you can use to see the results of your Testbed run.
  • Bug fixes in the main modules and other tools

Please follow the installation steps if you are installing FLExTrans for the first time.