Multiple Projects, No Linux Required, Settings Tool and Paratext Import/Export

  • There’s a new folder structure with a sub-folder called WorkProjects. Under this folder you can have multiple FLExTrans projects. Just double-click the FlexTools.vbs file in the desired project folder to do FLExTrans work for that project. Under each project folder are new folders for OutputBuild and Config.
  • There is no longer a need to install Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL). Previously WSL was the environment where the Apertium transfer engine would run to apply your transfer rules. Now Windows Apertium tools are available. This also means FLExTrans can now be run, if desired, on a virtual Windows machine. Many thanks to the Apertium developers for making this possible.
  • There’s a new Settings Tool module for changing any setting related to FLExTrans. You no longer have to edit the FLExTrans.config file manually. This new tool does it for you and it gives you a list for many of the settings for you to pick from.
  • Live Rule Tester Tool improvements:
    • You can now rebuild the Bilingual Lexicon from within the Live Rule Tester Tool.
    • The source file tab and rules you had selected will be restored the next time you start the tool.
    • Other useability improvements.
  • The Sense Linker Tool now has a search box to find target language word-senses. Just begin typing to match a target word.
  • There are now new modules for importing and exporting from and to Paratext.
  • The sample transfer rules file for the German-Swedish project has many logic samples that you can copy and paste into your rules.
  • On install you can now choose a folder where you want the FLExTrans folder to be created. Note: this folder is now called FLExTrans instead of FlexTools2.0.
  • Support for FlexTools2.1 added which, in turn, supports FLEx beta versions 9.1.9 and above.
  • Various bug fixes.

Please follow the installation steps if you are installing FLExTrans for the first time.