23 December 2013

Release 1.500

This release includes the following changes for this version: Improved design of U+1396 and U+1399 (metrics changed for these characters) Added character variants Added variant glyphs for U+2D93..U+2D… read more

19 September 2013

Version 2.24.0 Released

This new version of XLingPaper has a number of improvements and bug fixes. The main highlights are: Allow a tablenumbered element to contain an image file (which, presumably, will be of a table). Add … read more

12 September 2013

Release 2.010

This release includes the following changes for this version: Fix rendering of mixtures of upper and lower combining marks Fix Graphite shaping for U+08AC ARABIC LETTER ROHINGYA YEH Reduce font size b… read more

1 August 2013

Release 2.000

This release includes the following changes for this version: Looser line-spacing (leading) to better support languages using many combining marks Added support for Unicode 5.1, 6.0 and 6.1 Arabic add… read more

10 June 2013

Release v4.114 (maintenance release)

This maintenance release of Charis SIL doubles the speed of rendering lower ASCII text in Graphite. Thus, when Mozilla Firefox/Gecko (version 24+) or a future version of LibreOffice is used, then this… read more

11 May 2013

Version 2.23.0 Released

The main highlights are: Improved publisher style sheet capabilities to handle new things like those required by UNDSIL theses and other publishers, including an “author over date” referen… read more

14 March 2013

SayMore at the ICLDC 2013

I recently had a stimulating time at the 3rd International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation at the University of Hawaii. There are so many warm, friendly, and energetic people wor… read more

22 February 2013

Version 2.21.0 Released

The main highlights are: Add ability to publisher style sheets to control the indent for any second and following interlinear line groups and to control the vertical space between any second and follo… read more