13 September 2011

Release v4.110 (official release)

The only change in this official release is: Removed the VDMX table (to resolve issues related to line-spacing and clipping) Download the newest release packages from the Download Page. Download v4.11… read more

6 September 2011

Version 2.17.0 Released

The main highlights are: Added a way to quickly increase the size of tables, whether that table was newly added or already exists. See section 6.1.1 “Increase Table Size” in the User Docum… read more

12 July 2011

Maintenance release 1.001

This release added ligature glyphs and smart code support for minority languages: 0930 with 0941 and 093C 0931 with 0941 0931 with 0941 and 093C 0930 with 0942 and 093C 0931 with 0942 0931 with 0942 a… read more

26 April 2011

Version 2.16.0 Released

The main highlights are: Added documentation for publisher style sheets. Floats: changed the implementation of the location attribute when it is set to “here”: the float will not be implem… read more

18 April 2011

Version 2.15.0 Released

On March 23, 2011 version 2.15.0 of XLingPaper was released. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The main highlights are: Added a web page output that pays attention to an associated publisher styl… read more

8 February 2011

Release 1.005

This release includes the following changes for this version: Change to Open Font License Added SIL TypeTuner tables to make it possible to access alternate behaviors of the fonts. To download fonts w… read more