Author, archive, and publish linguistic research in XML


You can use XLingPaper to produce linguistic documents with at least five outputs, all from the same source document: Web pagesPDFMicrosoft WordOpen Office Writer, and ePUB. It automatically numbers sections and examples and keeps track of section references, citation references, and glosses/abbreviations. See Simons and Black (2009) and Black (2009) for the key notions used.

Why XLingPaper?

The best explanation can be found in two documents.  First, see A Short Introduction to the Advantages of Using XLingPaper.  Second, see Why Learn to Use XLingPaper, which has a summary of benefits for the author, the reader, and the publisher.

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A number of samples are available.


Why the XMLmind XML Editor?

The XMLmind XML Editor is a freely downloadable editor that makes it quite easy to create not only XLingPaper documents, but also XHTML documents, among others.


Common questions

What operating systems does XLingPaper run on?
Windows Operating Systems, Mac OS X, and Linux

Does it work with Non-Roman Scripts?
Yes and you can determine which font(s) to use.

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