Here are some testimonies from users of XLingPaper:

XLingPaper has been crucial for my thesis, and the result is a very neat document. Esteban I. Méndez December 8, 2017

With Word, it is very easy to start a paper, but very hard to finish when you have to do all the tables and final formatting. With XLingPaper, starting a paper (when you tend to be less stressed) requires some more time and planning, but at the end of the paper, you’re only fixing content errors and don’t have to worry about tables, linking, or formatting. Matthew Lee September 7, 2017

The more I use XLingPaper, the more I like it! … many linguists are advocating LaTeX as a good way to format linguistics papers. But it is very easy to get things wrong in LaTeX and spend lots of time trying to find syntax errors that prevent a document from compiling. XLingPaper gives you the same nice formatting options, but provides a structured environment that makes it much easier to create attractive and well-formatted documents. George Aaron Broadwell May 8, 2017

Thank you so much for this program! It has made formatting hassle-free. No more worrying about example numbering or tabs going out of whack… Chantel Vanderveen, May 2015

I’m totally hooked on this program now and am very comfortable using it for all of my academic work. Stephen Marlett, June 30, 2014

I really like using XLingPaper. It’s a much better working space for me than MS Word: I can focus my attention on one section of my paper, and achieve better productivity. Joyce Wood, June 30, 2014

It was very difficult to learn XLingPaper at first, but it really paid off. It saved me so much time because I didn’t have to worry about formatting anything. I would never try to write a linguistics thesis on Word. XLingPaper formatted my thesis perfectly, and I’m especially pleased about how easy it is to add example sentences. Deborah Kim, June 12, 2014

… my writing is better and more principled because of [XLingPaper]. Kent Rasmussen, December 17 2013

XLingPaper has been working great, and I’ve been using it to author (and translate via xml tools) most of what I write. Kent Rasmussen, August 12, 2011

[It] has enabled me to be vastly more productive in writing linguistic papers and in dialoguing with linguistic consultants. Colin Suggett, December 14, 2009

Also see this post about how XLingPaper was used to produce the camera-ready PDF of a 400+ page book (the publisher provided the first four pages, but XLingPaper was used by the author to produce all the other pages).