Language Documentation Productivity


Recording speakers of the world’s languages is fun and rewarding, but keeping all the resulting files and meta data organized? Converting files to archive formats? Transcription? Painful.

That’s why we built SayMore – to make common Language Documentation tasks fun and keep you productive.


  • Pull the day’s recordings directly off your camera or audio device, creating Session folders for each one...
  • ...OR record directly into SayMore.


  • Easily convert the media coming from your device into the formats you want for long-term access.
  • Export to Audacity, ELAN, FLEx, Toolbox, or YouTube.


  • Enter metadata about the project, people, sessions as a whole, and also for individual files.
  • Add any kind of file related to the project, sessions, and people, including audio and video recordings, photographs, and transcriptions.
  • Enter information about session participants.
  • Add evidence of informed consent, be it audio, video, or photographs or a signed form.
  • Single-click to rename a file according to a naming standard.


  • Let SayMore auto-segment your media into bite-size chunks, do it by hand, or import from ELAN.
  • Transcribe and translate, then export to FLEx for interlinearization, or do further work in ELAN.
  • Enlist a native speaker to easily record Careful Speech annotations and Oral Translations.
  • Get 3-track audio combining original, careful speech, and oral translations for free!

Check Coverage and Progress

  • View charts and other statistics of your progress.


  • One click will package up your project or session in IMDI format, ready to use with ARBIL or other IMDI-compatible utility.
  • SIL members can do the same to quickly submit a package of all the relevant files and metadata using SIL’s RAMP archive-submission application.


lameta is a loving spinoff of SayMore that is maintained by a consortium of academic archiving institutions. lameta runs on Mac & windows, and is receiving more updates that SayMore. However lameta is solely for metadata. It does not have SayMore's transcription or translation features. The thinking is that people can use ELAN & Simple ELAN in combination with lameta for most mainstream transcription needs.

Recent News Posts


  • SayMore 3.5 supports additional media formats March 22, 2023
    SayMore 3.5 was just released! This new version adds support for .m4a files and several other previously unsupported media formats.
  • Localization via Crowdin June 3, 2022
    The strings that appear in the SayMore user interface can now be localized easily on-line at To request that a new language be opened up for localization, simply click the Contact button and indicate the language that you want added. While it is still possible to do localization on the field for immediate use […]