Localization via Crowdin

    The strings that appear in the SayMore user interface can now be localized easily on-line at To request that a new language be opened up for localization, simply click the Contact button and indicate the language that you want added. While it is still possible to… Read More


    We love that SayMore has been a useful language documentation tool that has served people well for over a decade! There are no current plans to discontinue support and maintenance of SayMore. But there are also no current plans for major new features. If you’ve been hoping for the day… Read More


    You’ve spent a lot of time carefully documenting the language and culture of a community. Now you wish you could do more with that data. Maybe a way to let the people themselves engage with the data and benefit from it? What a great way to say thank you for… Read More

    SayMore at the ICLDC 2013

    I recently had a stimulating time at the 3rd International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation at the University of Hawaii. There are so many warm, friendly, and energetic people working in this space. Here’s the presentation I gave:… Read More

    Things SayMore Does Not Do

    We want to save you time if SayMore isn’t for you, so we’ll try to keep this page up to date with things folks have asked about that they can’t do with SayMore. SayMore Does Not… …run on Mac or Linux, except through a Virtual Machine running windows …have any… Read More

    SayMore 0.5 Now Available

    We’ve just released version 0.5 of SayMore. As with all odd-valued releases, we assume this is beta-quality. Please download it here, and let us know your experiences with it, good or bad. Here are major changes: When you correct the spelling of a person’s name, the name is… Read More

    SayMore 0.3 Now Available

    SayMore 0.3 is now available for Download. The major changes are: Custom Fields, with auto-type ahead. You can now add new Genres. In 0.1, we called a recording and its associated files a Session. In 0.3, we call this an Event. A Session/Event includes recordings which are comments/annotations on… Read More

    Preview Now Available

    We’re pleased to announce the beginning of the “preview” phase of SayMore. To get it, head over to the Downloads page. Expect to see new versions coming out regularly from now on. This stage is all about hearing from you. We need to know: What do you like? What… Read More