We love that SayMore has been a useful language documentation tool that has served people well for over a decade! There are no current plans to discontinue support and maintenance of SayMore. But there are also no current plans for major new features. If you’ve been hoping for the day when a version of SayMore becomes available for Mac or Linux, you might want to check out Lameta to see if it will meet your needs. Lameta is a metadata tool to help with organizing collections of files. Like SayMore, it is mainly aimed at collections made in the course of documenting language, music, and other cultural expressions. Unlike SayMore, it does not have the tools for segmenting and annotating media files.
Note: Lameta is not SIL software, but it was inspired by SayMore and created in large part by John Hatton, an SIL developer who has had a major role in SayMore. Users familiar with SayMore will see many aspects of the Lameta user interface that will be very familiar.