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Recent Posts

16 July 2024

Updates in June 2024

New features: AI generated drafts can be downloaded as a zip file containing USFM files for each book. Paratext and DBL resources can be added as tabs. Improvements: For AI-generated drafts, the list … read more

12 July 2024

Solid 1.0 maintenance release

Solid is a Windows program that can be used to check, clean up, and convert standard format lexicon data. Solid 1.0 is a bug fix release based on updated SIL dependencies. It should be used instead of… read more

11 June 2024

Annapurna SIL Release 2.100

Release 2.100 This release addresses an issue in Wambule texts that have implosives that were in use before characters for Sindhi implosives were encoded in Unicode. There also were TypeTuner correcti… read more

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