Dictionary App Builder

Create mobile dictionary apps with pictures, search and audio


Dictionary App Builder

Dictionary App Builder helps you to build customized dictionary apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. You specify the lexicon data file to use, the app name, fonts, colors, the about box information, the audio, illustrations and the icons. Dictionary App Builder will package everything together and build the customized app for you. You can then install it on your phone, send it to others by Bluetooth, share it on microSD memory cards and publish it to app stores on the Internet.

Easy to build

Apps can be built directly from data exported from any of SIL’s lexicon tools: Fieldworks Language Explorer, WeSay and Lexique Pro. Launch Dictionary App Builder, follow the steps in the New App Wizard and click the Build App button. No programming experience is necessary.

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Easy to use

The apps you build are easy to use, with a clean, user-friendly interface. You can include pictures, audio for headwords and example sentences, search, and links between lexical items. Reversal indexes are built from the gloss fields and are accessible via tabs in the app interface.

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Easy to distribute

The apps do not require an internet connection. All content can be packaged together for offline use and distribution, or audio can be made available online for download when needed.

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Common questions

Will Dictionary App Builder be able to use my lexicon data?

Lexicon data for building apps with Dictionary App Builder needs to be in LIFT (Lexical Interchange FormaT) or XHTML format. The following dictionary-making programs can be used: Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx), WeSay, Lexique Pro.

Which versions of Android will the apps work on?

The apps built by Dictionary App Builder can be used on Android versions 4.0 and above.

Once the app has been built, how can I distribute it to others?

Anyone with an app that has been built by Dictionary App Builder can share the app with the people around them via Bluetooth or microSD card. Apps can also be distributed through Google Play Store.

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