Communities use HearThis to record translated scripture so that they can distribute it in audio form.


Discover HearThis™: Your Solution for Scripture Audio Recording

Are you looking for a way to record and distribute your translated Scripture with ease and efficiency? Look no further than HearThis™, the leading software for Scripture audio recording. HearThis™ empowers communities to take control of their audio Scripture production, eliminating long wait times and making the Word of God accessible in their native languages quickly. With just a few simple steps, your community can start recording and sharing translated Scriptures in no time, ensuring that everyone can hear the message clearly and promptly.

HearThis™ is designed to solve common problems faced by many language communities. Traditional methods of audio Scripture production can be slow, requiring complete translations, fluent readers, and skilled technicians, often resulting in significant delays. HearThis™ changes this by enabling immediate recording and distribution, even before translation projects are fully completed. With features like multi-speaker support, easy re-recording for corrections, and an intuitive interface, HearThis™ makes the process straightforward. Whether for back-translation, literacy training, or dramatized recordings, HearThis™ provides a versatile and user-friendly solution. Download HearThis™ today and transform the way your community experiences Scripture audio recording.

HearThis Scripture Audio Recording

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Learning to record with HearThis takes only minutes.
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HearThis automatically gathers text from Paratext. If you don't have Paratext, that's OK too.

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Language communities are using HearThis to produce higher quality readings, locally, as portions are translated. Read their stories.