Easily specify passages to record by 1 verse instead of by sentence

    With the release of HearThis 3.4.0, it is now possible to specify that certain passages are to be broken out by verse rather than by sentence-ending punctuation. HearThis has for years allowed for moderately long sentences to be recorded in two parts using the Record Long Line in Parts dialog… Read More

    HearThis Android 1.0.1 released

    A new version of HearThis Android is now available. This version is compatible with more modern versions of Android and addresses a couple usability defects that made the beta version difficult to use. After having the app “stuck” in beta for almost 5 years, we are thrilled… Read More

    Support for scriptio continua languages

    As of Version 3.2 (released August 11, 2022), HearThis now supports scriptio continua languages by allowing you to specify whitespace characters (regular spaces, zero-width spaces, etc.) that are used as sentence-breaking characters. Read More

    Indicate your needs by “voting” on Use Cases

    We have created a set of Use Cases on the Community site to try to better understand our users’ needs. Please log in and use the voting mechanism there to express the needs that you or the users in your area have. When you vote, it would also be… Read More