This is the first full release of the complete Lisu Bosa and Lisu Bosa Lolo font families. These fonts support the complete range of Unicode characters for the Lisu (Fraser) script. They include:

  • Eight weights from ExtraLight to Black in both upright and italic styles (only in Lisu Bosa).
  • A second font family – Lisu Bosa Lolo – in a separate package. It contains only the Light and SemiBold weights, which have been renamed to Regular and Bold to support older applications.
  • A basic set of Latin glyphs mainly for compatibility and occasional use. These are intended to contrast strongly from the Lisu and are based on Source Serif.
  • OpenType (TTF) fonts for desktop use and WOFF and WOFF2 versions for the web.

Both desktop and web fonts are provided in all-platforms packages on the Download page.