This new version of PrimerPrep (version 3.35) has a few new features:

  • A Give Feedback option has been added to the Help menu
  • Longer affixes are marked in preference to shorter ones
  • Error handling has been improved for loading a new project

And a couple of bugs were fixed:

  • Words with affixes (being analyzed separately) were being overcounted, so the list of example words in the Teaching Order was not showing most common words first
  • A change in User Interface language would make the list of affixes temporarily disappear

Yes, there has been a recent flurry of activity around PrimerPrep! And we hope to continue, especially as we are attempting to make sure that PrimerPrep has all of the primer design and analysis features that you need (especially those of you coming from Primer Pro). Your feedback in this process is important! Use the Support tab or the new Give Feedback feature from within the program to impact the design and features in this tool.