Minor update to version 3.35

This new version of PrimerPrep (version 3.35) has a few new features: A Give Feedback option has been added to the Help menu Longer affixes are marked in preference to shorter ones Error handling has been improved for loading a new project And a couple of bugs were fixed: Words… Read More

Minor update to version 3.33

This update shifted all of the interface and help file localization into Crowdin. You won’t notice many changes in the program itself, but it is now a lot easier to translate PrimerPrep into other languages. Contact us through the Support tab if you would like to help improve the existing… Read More

Update to version 3.31

It has been quite a while since PrimerPrep was updated… The major change in this version, you probably won’t even notice. The underlying user interface has been updated to more modern standards (CSS styles in GTK3), but the goal was to make that transition invisible to the end user. There… Read More

Minor update to version 3.14

This update (3.14) resolves a small bug in the PrimerPrep program: If you loaded a saved project, the Save Teaching Order menu might not be activated or deactivated properly. So you couldn’t consistently open a saved project and immediately save out the Teaching Order. Thanks to FB for finding and… Read More

Minor update to version 3.13

This update (3.13) resolves a small bug in the PrimerPrep program: If you added one or more sight words as the first lesson in the teaching order (i.e. before teaching any individual letters), and tried to add some Lesson Text to check for that lesson, PrimerPrep would go off by… Read More

Minor bug update

This minor update (v3.12) better handles rogue input, such as files with lots of tabs, or with combining diacritics which immediately follow punctuation, spaces, or other unruly combinations. PrimerPrep is intented to process nice text files that contain just a single language, usually a variety of stories or texts. If… Read More

What’s new in version 3?

What’s New in Version 3 (through 3.11) The most recent changes to PrimerPrep are: Cross-platform compatibility: PrimerPrep can now be run easily on Linux platforms. Internationalization: In addition to English and French, the interface is now also available in the Spanish, Dari and Pashto languages. Full in-program help has… Read More