This update shifted all of the interface and help file localization into Crowdin. You won’t notice many changes in the program itself, but it is now a lot easier to translate PrimerPrep into other languages. Contact us through the Support tab if you would like to help improve the existing translations, or if you would like to provide translations for creating another interface language in PrimerPrep.

Other changes: Some additional tweaks were made (hopefully all improvements!) on font selection and rendering. And the Auto-Search for Digraphs option has been removed – it became clear that PrimerPrep wasn’t really able to do a good job at that task, so you will need to define your digraphs manually. Note that all sequences of characters that you might want to treat separately should be defined as digraphs, including consonant clusters (including multigraphs), doubled consonants, palatalized and labialized consonants, doubled (long) vowels, and dipthongs.